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Textured & Tap’d In

We are Tapisserie (French for ‘tapestry’). Our aim is to create a space for the textured hair or the coily, kinky, and curly haired Queens to find fresh, relevant and curated content. We cut to the chase to keep you informed on what’s hot and not in textured hair! We make up a beautiful tapestry of hues and hair textures and we want to celebrate YOU!

Welcome to your Tapisserie!

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Personal Bio: Krychna pronounced /’krish-na’/ is a busy legal professional, mother and wife. She holds a Master’s in Communication Studies, loves a good sale and a great pair of shoes! She also loves a ‘haute’ hairstyle and lives for a good shampoo massage (yaass!) Although born in Brooklyn, NY her family’s cultural roots stem from Haiti. (sake pase!)

Hair Personality: “My hair is coily and humidity is my hair texture’s kryptonite, but that amino silk is my hair’s best friend. As a mother, wife, and busy professional, I love great protective styles because I don’t have time to waste.”

Hair Product Profile: Less is more. A great clarifying shampoo, a good moisture retention leave-in conditioner followed by an equally great moisturizing pomade keeps my hair healthy and happy.”

Hair Celebrity Crush:Janelle Monae. This fresh faced songstress knows how to rock her coily tresses and any style she chooses. Yes, thank you and more please Ms. Monae.”


Personal Bio: Sereine is a legal professional in the entertainment and technology space. She believes a woman’s hair can be a fun outlet for self expression and a good hair day increases productivity by at least 25%!

Hair Personality:My hair is coily and as fluffy as a feather. It’s super easy to manipulate with the right products and responds well to heavier hair puddings that helps define my curl pattern. However, it absorbs moisture quickly leaving it to its normally puffy state in a matter of hours. #hairdrama”

Hair Product Profile: “Moisture, moisture, and more moisture is what works to maintain and grow these tresses. I like leave-in conditioners, followed by Argan Oil and then a good hairdressing.”

Hair Celebrity Crush: “Rihanna. I love her versatility and her edgy looks. Whether protective style or her natural hair she slays!”


Personal Bio: Lisa is a marketing copywriter with a Master’s in Music Business from NYU, and a Mini-MBA in Social Media Marketing from Rutgers.  She’s a fan of all things hair-related, an aficionado of a well-turned phrase, and has strong opinions about the Oxford comma. She believes that whether it comes from the scalp, or the beauty store, a woman’s hair is her crown.

Hair Personality: “My hair is like a needy plant, requiring constant hydration. But it’s also like a cat, because it likes to be left alone. (This is hard for me, cause I suffer from “hands-in-hair-itis.”) My strands are extremely coily, dry, and breakage-prone, so I spritz with water, or water-based products daily, and usually rock protective styles to minimize manipulation.”

Hair Product Profile: “Water, water, everywhere,” to quote the poem. In addition to basic H20, my hair responds well to co-washing, coconut oil, and heavy leave-in conditioners.”

Hair Celebrity Crush: “Diana Ross. The divine Ms. Ross is known for her unabashed glamour - epitomized by her huge natural crown. I love that her hair is dramatic, iconic, feminine, and also revolutionary.”

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