Tapisserie, which is French for "tapestry," celebrates the textured hair community. Our platform personalizes the beauty experience providing tutorials, stylists and products tailored for the kinky, coily or curly hair textures."

    To provide a personalized beauty experience for those with kinky, coily, and curly hair textures find fresh, relevant, and curated content at the tap of a finger.

    We take away the frustration of having to sift, search, and spend countless hours looking for the right product(s) for your hair.

    Instead, we provide an e-boutique beauty experience, matching your hair texture with customized and recommended products, tutorials, and styles - all nestled within a fly social space!

Meet the Team

Tapisserie (n.) /‘tap-surie’/
Strong…colored threads woven together to create a picture.

FOUNDER - CEO Krychna Baker

Personal Bio

Krychna pronounced /’krish-na'/ has 10+ years of experience as a legal professional with a strong affinity for technology and brand strategy. The pain-point of finding the right products and information for her coily textured hair was her genesis into the technology space. She is an alumna of both the Digital Undivided Incubator and NewMe Accelerator. As a hair aficionado and supporter of the C.R.O.W.N. Act, her pursuit of providing an inclusive platform for the textured hair community was necessary.

In her own words,

"I love my coily hair texture and understand how difficult it is to find relevant and consistent information in the vast expanse called the internet. That is why I created a space where we welcome and celebrate the beauty of kinky, curly, and coily hair. Since the style of textured hair has both historical and political significance, it was important for me to have a social community for these hair types. Also, having the right products and information on tap is the bedrock in maintaining a healthy textured crown."

Krychna currently attends Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business, pursuing her Master's in Strategic Marketing and Communication.

co-founder | creative director Sereine Brudent

Personal Bio

Sereine is a legal professional in the entertainment and technology space. She believes a woman’s hair can be a fun outlet for self expression and a good hair day increases productivity by at least 25%!


Personal Bio

Lisa is a marketing copywriter with a Master’s in Music Business from NYU, and a Mini-MBA in Social Media Marketing from Rutgers. She’s a fan of all things hair-related, an aficionado of a well-turned phrase, and has strong opinions about the Oxford comma. She believes that whether it comes from the scalp, or the beauty store, a woman’s hair is her crown.

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