Yes, Baby Hair is a Thing

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By: Tap Team


whether Rocking Natural or protective styles, one thing is clear, baby hair has always been its own thing.

For those who don't know what the term "baby hair" refers to, it is the fine hairs located at the front perimeter of your hairline. This type of hair is typically found on children (hence, "baby hair") and can remain until adulthood.  Without question, perfectly laid edges are here to stay! If you have any doubt just do a quick Internet search and you’ll find everything from video tutorials on either creating or achieving baby hair perfection. Yes, you read that right, not all of us were blessed with "slay-able" hairline edges. In recent years, achieving sleek edges has even become a thing for women of all hues.

Gone are the days where “the black gel,” commonly known as the Ampro Pro Style brand, was the go-to for taming edges. It was popular since many of us with the coily-kinky-curly hair textures were still getting our hair chemically processed or permed. So, it was easier to use this type of product to slick down our hair without worrying about its efficacy.  However, since the natural hair/protective style movement has resurfaced, it’s no longer that simple. The kinky-coily-curly hair texture demand more from a product then before. It requires great moisturizing and conditioning properties to maintain the health of our hair strands instead of whatever it takes to achieve a style.  Since there are more products catering to these hair textures, there is much more awareness around what ingredients are beneficial and necessary to achieve the slicked down edges. Whether you prefer the consistency of a paste, gel, cream or thick pomade, there is much debate over which product(s) provide the best hold, with damaging your hair, for taming those edges.

We have heard countless stories about how a certain edge control initially helps but after a little while, the hold seems to disintegrate.  Some edge controls may achieve the hold but often comes with a side of flaking, oil or added dryness. For many, the search remains ongoing for a suitable product to lay those edges down with a respectable price tag.

So which product has worked best in laying down your edges? Tap in and comment below!

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