#RealTalk: Addicted to Twist Outs? You Probably Hate Your Natural Hair


By. Jordan Edmond

First, a disclaimer. I LIVE for a popping twist out. Luscious, chunky and voluminous. Is there really anything better? A fierce twist out (or braid out for some) can send your confidence level to an all-time high. Might mess around and think you’re Beyonce, Erykah Badu—or somebody’s celebrity. But there’s a flip side. How do you feel when you’ve worked so hard on preparing a bomb twist out, only for it to end up flat and lackluster? If you feel any ounce of embarrassment at the thought of leaving the house without a defined look, you may have a problem.

As women, we tend to have the ability to spot someone with low body confidence a mile away. We know other women who have body confidence issues, we even recognize the body confidence issues that we have within ourselves. (Curse you European standards of beauty!) But, can we spin that self-awareness around and self-evaluate whether or not those same negative notions trickle into our relationship with our own hair?


How to Know if You Actually Hate Your Natural Hair


An easy way to decipher this is to ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Am I okay with rocking a full on afro?

  2. Do I find my natural unprofessional?

  3. Do I feel less pretty with kinks vs. curls?

If your answers resembled anything of the following (in order: no, yes, yes) then you probably have a love-hate relationship with the way God made you.

Don’t compartmentalize this, dig into it.

Why do you dislike your hair in its most natural state? Who made you feel this way? I bet, for most, we can count our Eurocentric culture as an influencer in our self-hate. But what else? There’s more. Is it your aunties’ less-than-subtle suggestions on how to “fix” your hair? Does the word nappy make you cringe? Identifying the source of your disdain is an important first step. Then, comes stripping the power away.

How to Truly Fall in Love with Your Natural Hair


After identifying where these negative thoughts stem, you should begin to destroy their strongholds on your self-image. Find natural hair bloggers with your same hair type that inspire you, rally your other natural hair friends, and start to wear your hair in an undefined state. Savor compliment from passersby, and dismiss any and all negative feedback. If there’s one thing for sure, haters will always hate. And while we can’t say loving your natural hair will always be easy, we can definitely say the natural hair journey is worth it.

So what do you think? Did this trigger something in you? Tap In And comment below.