Tap Talks: Restoring Health to Textured Hair


By. K. Baker

I had the privilege to sit with entrepreneur and hair restoration expert, Theresa Hall, to get the scoop on all things healthy hair. With over 20+ years of styling, protecting and advising her clients on best hair practices, she has earned her crown as the “go to” for healthy hair care information. Her impressive client list range from celebrities like R&B singer, Faith Evans and pop-star, Brittany Spears, to contestants of the Miss Universe pageant and the actresses and actors of the Broadway hit show, The Lion King.

Theresa has made it a practice not to just style a client’s hair but to provide an initial hair assessment on the health of their hair. She has seen firsthand how damaging certain products, hairstyles and poor maintenance can be to the scalp which affects hair growth.

It made perfect sense for her to focus in on the hair restoration arena since there was a need for this expertise in the textured hair community.


Hair restoration focuses on the health of the scalp and hair follicles to reduce, prevent or stop hair loss. Theresa also advises and helps individuals with alopecia, hair loss due to certain treatments (e.g. chemotherapy), and those experiencing the effects of severe loss or damage due to poor maintenance.

Set to open January 26, 2019, is her salon, Nirvana Soleil, (means “heaven in the sun”) which will be located in central New Jersey [North Brunswick]. It will cater to the multi-textured hair tribe while specializing in hair restoration, donor hair distribution, bridal and special event consultation. Here she will continue to uplift her clients and coach them along the path to restorative healthy hair practices and provide protective styling services. Her motto is, “Healthy hair is happy hair.” Now on to the tap-tea!

Theresa | Hair Restoration Expert

Theresa | Hair Restoration Expert


The interview

What is the difference between a “Hair Restoration Specialist” and a “Stylist”

Hair restoration specialist specialize in specific services that will restore new hair growth to a thinning/balding head of hair. While hair stylists, if licensed, provide basic salon conditioning services and simply “style” hair. The major problem I find often is that there aren’t enough stylist providing hair care services. They are more interested in “hairstyles” not “hair care.”

A client walks in with a lot of hair damage from "protective" styles (e.g. braids, weave, wigs) what would you recommend to restoring their hair?

I would perform a full hair & scalp analysis to find out the complete history of prior hair maintenance. This consultation would include ideas on a finished look and maintenance for further home care. I would also advise cutting or trimming off all dead & damaged hair and reconstruct hair shaft and follicle with use of extensive reconstructive conditioner (a conditioner with the right balance of proteins and vitamins for the hair). Lastly discuss future hair options for "real" protective styles

What advice would you give to someone wanting to transition from going to chemically processed hair to going to natural?

Consult with a cosmologists who is experienced in "ALL" textures as well as specializes in hair care. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRANSITION ON YOUR OWN. THIS CAN CAUSE HAIR LOSS & HAIR DAMAGE. This way a client is well advised, a legitimate hair & scalp analysis is performed and the client is well informed on the plan set to provide a successful "transition."

What ingredients provide the most benefits for textured hair?

Products that contain "silk" are always the best for any hair type. The reason, "silk" is almost a replicate of a single human hair strand providing optimal hydration to the the papilla, and cuticle of the hair, preventing premature split ends & breakage. Clients need to gravitate to ingredients that support this structure. Products that contain alcohol are always more drying in their effects causing more shedding and breakage to the hair shaft.


What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Helping clients find the beauty that I see when they 1st walk through my door. I love educating clients on what works best for them individually and getting them to recognize their hair's true beauty. So many people don't understand their "real hair" nor do they know it's potential. I love being the one to "WOW" them, when they tell me they were told "their hair would never grow." I love when they see models on advertisements with "relaxers" and realize that not only does their hair look just as good, but it is "ALL NATURAL!" Last, I love when I use my God given talent & gift to provide hope to a client who has only wanted to see one new hair and now has many to swing and whip in the wind!

Theresa Hall giving us the hair tea!

Theresa Hall giving us the hair tea!

Theresa’s daughter, Amaris Hemmingway is displaying her natural and healthy tresses.

Theresa’s daughter, Amaris Hemmingway is displaying her natural and healthy tresses.

Theresa makes it a priority to teach her clients & her daughter healthy hair practices

Theresa makes it a priority to teach her clients & her daughter healthy hair practices

Amaris Hemmingway

Amaris Hemmingway

What is your biggest pet peeve about the natural hair movement?

My biggest pet peeve, is the belief that "natural hair" is bad hair and requires a huge assortment of hair products... Totally FALSE! ACTUALLY, natural hair is hair untouched by chemicals and no matter how coarse or textured, DOES NOT require a lot of hair products. Excessive hair products and the wrong products can and will cause product build up on the hair. This in turn suffocates the hair growth and restricts blood & oxygen flow in and out of the papilla [base of the bulb on a hair follicle] slowing down healthy hair growth & regrowth.

When is it time to seek medical advice for hair loss?

A fact is that your hair naturally sheds 80-100 strands of hair daily. Although it may seem like a lot, truth be told, you won't even notice this hair coming out. The moment you "notice" hair coming out, be it on your pillow case, in the sink, excessively in your comb or brush, along with widening of your parts accompanied by thinning and balding areas, one should immediately consult a dermatologist.

How do you have time to juggle being a mom, wife and entrepreneur?

Two words: Jesus Christ! I often ponder that same question and I completely know it is only God that had me still standing. I have been through a lot in my life, so much, I've decided to actually write a book about it. But God has been with me through thick and thin. Actually, my career is my ministry, therefore I'm constantly, "touching lives one hair strand at a time." In order to be successful in all 3 areas, wife, mom and entrepreneur, one has to place God first and be blessed with a supportive spouse who is dedicated & committed to your success. "Team work, makes the dream work."

If someone wants to book an appointment with you, what is the best way to reach you?

Since I'm licensed in 4 states, NY, NJ, FL and NC, I can be direct messaged through Facebook, Instagram or you can call me at the contact information below.


In addition to being a busy entrepreneur, Theresa is a devoted wife and mother to two wonderful teenagers who are both academic scholars. Her daughter, Amaris, is a sophomore at Bishop George AHR High School in Edison, NJ with a 4.0 GPA. While her nineteen year old son, Artis, a sophomore at the University of Delaware, is on a full athletic scholarship for football. Through marriage, she is also mom to Isiah Hall (18 years old), Alijah Hall (15 years old), and Joshua Hall (6 years old). Clap it up! Yes! Theresa is one phenomenal woman!

Theresa and her kids, Amaris and Artis Hemmingway.

Theresa and her kids, Amaris and Artis Hemmingway.

If you would like to get in touch with Theresa, please reach out to her at any of the communication channels below.

Instagram: @Theresaimagemakers2

Email: Nirvanasoleiluniversal@gmail.com

Facebook: Theresa Hall

Phone: 704.615.6211

We thank Theresa for spending some time with us and helping us stay on tap with expert healthy hair info!

If you have any questions Tap Cherie's (“sweethearts”), always feel free to reach out to us at: hellocherie@tapisserie.style!