9 Tips on Transitioning to Natural

By. Jordan Edmond

If we had to describe transitioning in two words, we’d probably choose: exhilarating and daunting. Yep. Both at the same time. It’s super exciting to see those new curls and kinks growing from your scalp, but also nerve-wracking when it comes to trying to figure out how to get your two very different textures to play nice with each other. Here are 9 tips on how to keep your cool and enjoy the transitioning to natural ride.

Tip #1: The natural hair life is a journey. Embrace it!

Whether you’ve been natural 1 day or ten years, you’ll learn that caring for and loving your locks can be a total roller coaster ride. One thing is for sure though, after you get out of a low period (whether that’s frustration with your hair not cooperating for the perfect date night style, or poofing up as soon as you straighten it) you’ll realize how amazing, unique and powerful your natural hair is.

Tip #2: Take time to discover what you love about your natural hair.

Oftentimes we like to dwell on the negative aspects of our life and even our hair. Be sure to take time to admire your natural hair. How does it make you feel? Proud? Fierce? Like a force? Remember these positive things before you grab the perm box after one failed twist out.

Tip #3: Learn what works for your hair.

This can be either exciting or frustrating, but again, it’s a part of the journey. Research can be the key to staving off undo disappointment and your reclaimed coils are as good a reason as any to go a little crazy in the Target hair care aisle to see what makes your hair happy. Bonus tip: Learn the basics before you take on a complex YouTube tutorial!

Tip #4: Wigs, weaves and braids are your friend.

This is the easiest way to concealing the difference between your natural and permed hair. These are great protective styles for both transitioning and natural hair, and once you get the hang of wigs, you’ll find them easy to maintain.

Tip #5: Decide at what length you are going to do the big chop and stick to it (or not).

Really, there’s no right or wrong way to doing the big chop, but choosing a particular length creates a certain goal that can be fun to work towards. When you choose this goal consider these things: Are you OK with having super short hair? Or is this something that you can never see yourself rocking? If a teeny weeny afro (TWA) conjures up a ton of red flags, transition for a longer time. If not, what are you waiting for? Chop it off already!!

Tip #6: Grab a supportive friend for the day of your big chop.

Some kinky-haired chicas find that cutting off their permed hair is super empowering and confidence-boosting right off the bat. Others feel an instant sense of regret. Having a good, supportive friend there is a good way to ensure that you feel as great as you look. And seriously, you’ll look great! How can you not? This is the hair you were born with.

Tip #7: Figure out your hair type/curl pattern.

This is key! Here’s our handy “Simplified” Texture Profile to help you determine what type of curl pattern you have.

Tip #8: Find a hair role model that has similar hair to yours.

We love some celebrity inspirations, but a natural hair YouTuber is a great virtual friend to help guide you along your journey.

Tip #9: Dismiss negativity!

Repeat after me: There is no such thing as bad hair. There is no such thing as bad hair. Anyone who tries to tell you differently can kindly mind their business. Don’t let ignorance get you down. Instead, dismiss it as ignorance, and if it feels right, school them on it. Your hair is professional. It is tamed. And it is fabulous. Okuuuurt?!

We’ve shared our top transitioning tips, so now it’s your turn. Wherever you are on your transitioning journey Tap In and comment below to share your experiences—and your secrets.

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