#Shorthairdontcare: Is The Big Chop Right For You?

By: Lisa Hurley

As someone who has tried just about every hairstyle, it’ll come as no surprise that I once rocked a buzz cut.

At the time, I was wearing my hair in a below-the-shoulders relaxed lob, and over the course of several months my hair kept breaking. (I’m sure that in addition to anything else that might have been going on, the fact that I had recently moved countries, AND started a second degree, contributed to my hair’s harried state of affairs.) Anyhoo, with every salon visit I cut off more and more, and finally one day I had had enough. I told my stylist to buzz it off. He initially hesitated, probably because he thought I had taken leave of my senses, but once he realized I was serious, he was all for it.

Did I like it? Yes! Here’s what I enjoyed the most:

The sense of freedom. I felt liberated, happier, and healthier. It was easy, effortless, and completely stress-free. That made it an instant win.

I saved so much time. Less hair (or actually no hair) meant fewer hours in the salon, less time styling it at home, less time getting ready to leave the house, less time maintaining it...oh joy!

I saved SO MUCH MONEY!! This cannot be overstated. Anybody who does even the bare minimum with their hair knows how much hair maintenance costs. Whether it grows from your scalp or you purchase it, hair is expensive to deal with. With my minimalist do, I took occasional trips to the barber and that was it. I saved thousands of dollars on salon visits, products, hair accessories, curlers, hair dryers, you name it.

I loved the look. Even though I was occasionally mistaken for a boy, I fully embraced the style. It gave me complete freedom to play! I experimented with bright colors and bold accessories, and loved every minute of it.

Thinking of taking the plunge? Need inspiration? Here are 6 celebrities who did the big chop.

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