360 Flairosol/ Mist Sprayer

360 Mist Sprayer

360 Mist Sprayer


Product Claims | Description

  • Continuous Spray - Repeated actuation produces and endless spray allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily

  • 360 Degree Spraying Option allows all areas to be reached

  • Fine mist spray pattern distributes water evenly to hair

  • Refillable bottle

This Great and innovative sprayer gives you all the benefits of an aerosol spray without the use of Hazardous solvents, Propellants or pressurized gases making it environmentally safe. Using a patented Innovative Sprayer pump design, will give you a steady super fine mist with only a few effortless squeezes of the trigger reducing fatigue, energy and time especially great for people that suffer from arthritis and carpet tunnel on their hands. these Sprayers have many uses including application of hair styling products, misting of plants and gardening. these are industry standard sprayers used by salon and service pro's around the world.

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