Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Deep Conditioning Heat Cap


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  • Deep Conditioning

  • Non Electric

  • Budget Friendly

  • Easy To Use

  • One Size Fits All

The heat activated gel cap is perfect for home treatment and also usable in professional hair salons. It seals in and activates oils and therapeutic conditioners and diffuses them deep into hair follicles. More efficient that hot iron or rollers, the cap safely nurtures your hair without damaging it! This heating cap allows ingredients to penetrate the hair follicles more efficiently, leaving your hair snug and soft. It seals in treatments and relaxes the hair follicles for effective diffusion of nutrients. The heat along with oil and other therapeutic ingredients are activated by heat and are readily absorbed by hair. The cap is cordless and warms up by simply placing it into the microwave, and heating it up to the desired temperature. (Always warm not hot)! The elastic in the cap has excellent memory so it maintains form and efficiency after continuous usage. (Reusable | Ecofriendly)

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